Muziek: muzikale meditatie

Thursday Sama

donderdag 28 mei 2020 om 18:00
Sufi-Way International
Elmer Koole
0594549863 / 0503164875
During this time of enforced isolation, we’re exploring new ways of connecting and supporting each other. To compliment the monthly Living Sufism and Community Sohbet calls — which are dedicated to sharing deep conversation — I’d like to invite you to a weekly musical meditation — a sama (zikr) —— to be held every Thursday. This will be a time for us to sing, meditate, and pray together for the well-being of each other and our world.
These sama sessions will be about 30 to 40 minutes long.
I suggest that you let other people in your household know that you’d like not to be disturbed for this time, perhaps light a candle, and settle yourself comfortably before clicking on the link:
There are two possibilities for accessing the Thursday samas — on Vimeo or on YouTube. If you have any audio problems on one, try the other.
If you use YouTube, once you are connected you may want to click on ”Enter Full Screen” in the bottom right so your screen only shows the candle burning. Here are the two links:
If you are asked for the password — it is simply the four letters: sama
During the zikr, you will only hear the harmonium and my voice, and most of all, your voice. This may seem unusual at first, but I trust you’ll get used to it. Remember that all of us are singing with you at the same time, and that our hearts are opening together and lifting our prayer into the universe in unison. Sing!
I hope you will join us for these meditations — they are a very real way we can serve each other and the world in this time of anxiety and danger.
With love and deepest wishes for your well-being,